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Where to see us on Tuesday!

Tuesday Morning, we will be at:


A01.03 Oliver Wells Memorial Symposium on the Scanning Electron Microscope

Platform Session

Tuesday 10:30 AM, Room: 24

10:30 AM:

High Resolution Imaging in the FIeld Emission Scanning Electron Microscope at Low Accelerating Voltage and with Energy-Filtration of the Electron Signals; R. Gauvin, N. Brodusch, H. Demers; McGill University; P. Woo, Hitachi High-Technologies Canada Inc.

A07.P2 Microscopy and Spectroscopy for Power Generation and Energy Storage

Platform Session

Tuesday 3:30 PM, Exhibition Hall AB

3:30 PM

M&M Student Award Transmission Electron Forward Scattered Diffraction and Low Voltage SEM/STEM Characterization of Binder-Free TiO2 Electrodes; MJ Sussman, N. Brodusch, R. Gauvin, GP Demopoulos; McGill University

Poster #138

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