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Where to see us on Wednesday

Wednesday Morning, we will be at:


A12.04 3D Imaging and Microanalysis: Image Analysis and Applications

Platform Session

Wednesday10:30 PM, Room: 17

11:00 AM:

M&M Student Award Monte Carlo SImulation and Experimental High-Angle Annular Dark Field Tomography; F. Voizard, N. Brodusch, H. Demers, R. Gauvin; McGill University

A10.02 X-ray Imaging

Platform Session

Wednesday 1:30 PM, Room: 12

2:00 PM:

M&M Student Award Characterization of Rare Earth ELement Ores with High Spatial Resolution Scanning Electron Microscopy; C. Teng, H. Demers, R. Gauvin; McGill University

2:15 PM:

X-Ray Microanalysis with High Spatial Resolution and High Counts Rate with a State of the Art Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope; R. Gauvin, N. Brodusch, H. Demers; McGIll University; P. Woo; Hitachi High-Technologies Canada Inc.

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