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New Characterization Techniques for Improved Materials

McGill Electron Microscopy Research Group researchers believe strongly that developing new and relevant characterization methods and tools is key to help academia and industrial partners to produce materials adapted to the challenges stemming from global warming and well-reasoned resources consumption. Through the years, we have developed several methods in various fields among which are Monte Carlo modeling, EDS phase differentiation, X-ray quantitative approaches, EBSD virtual dark-field imaging, magnetic domain imaging, low-voltage SEM and STEM imaging and analysis.

Through collaborations with academia and industrial partners, we are proud to contribute developing materials of tomorrow as well as supporting innovative technologies in green chemistry and environment friendly practices. Our expertise not only supports the metallurgical, mining and nanoscience fields but also can be applied to other applications like life science, polymers and biological specimens among others. At MEMRG, we are proud to expand our application fields and we encourage whoever is interested in collaborating with us to connect with us and share their needs with our team. 

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