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Past students - Alumni


Here are a few of Prof. Raynald Gauvin's past students:



  • Wei Bin, Ph.D., (2016) Post Doctoral student

  • Muhammad Atarian Shandiz, Ph.D., (2015) Post Doctoral student.


  • Shirin Kaboli, Ph.D., (2015) Post Doctoral student.


  • Camille Probst, Ph.D.,  (2011) Post Doctoral student.


  • Philippe Pinnard, M. Ing. (2010) Ph.D. Student Aachen University, Germany.


  • Hendrix Demers Ph.D. (2008), Research Associate, McGill University.


  • Dominique Poirier Ph.D. (2009), Researcher, Institute of Industrial Materials, Boucherville, QC.


  • Jennifer Cocle, M. Ing. (2008), Researcher, IREQ, Varennes, QC.


  • Jean-Francois Leberre Ph.D. (2007), Researcher, Paprican, Montreal, QC.


  • Paula Horny, Ph.D. (2005), Professor, CEGEP de Limoilou, QC.


  • Dominique Drouin, Ph.D. (1998), Professor, University of Sherbrooke, QC.


  • Pierre Hovington Ph.D. (1997), Researcher, IREQ, Varennes, QC.

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Camille Probst, Jean-François Leberre, Philippe Pinnard, Hendrix Demers, Prof. Raynald Gauvin, Dominique Poirier, Jennifer Cocle and Paula Horny at the 2006 Microscopy and Microanalysis Conference held in Chicago.

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